Core Service Offering

Event Management

Event Management is simply put; the art of designing, creating or modifying, and executing the perfect gathering or meeting. Umlilo Brands can help streamline the entire planning process whether you are preparing for a company conference, launching a product, or delivering a mass participation public event.

Specialising in the creation of exceptional events for luxurious private and corporate clients, Umlilo Brands design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution.

Our team of professionals understands that breakthrough ideas are only as good as the delivery.

Event Logistics

Our focus – ensuring all stages of the event lifecycle including procurement, storage, distribution, management and disposal of all materials for the entire event platform, are professionally managed with consistency. From production to staging, human resources to staff training, event safety and security to spectator management, protocol, catering and waste management.

Event Creative & Concept

Determine the objectives, develop the concept, then design the experience.  Understanding the event environment is crucial in creating a spectacular event.   We apply specialist knowledge in event conceptual design and bespoke production to create inspiring experiences of every scale.

Branding Production

Our proactive and innovative team of creative designers ensure a consistent and engaging experience transforming creative ideas and bringing to life clean clear messaging.  Attention to detail is salient in creating lasting memories from the first engagement to the very last memento.  Our factory produces all aspects of branding collateral.

Branding Logistics

Your investment is our interest to preserve the longevity of your brand. With our expert maintenance and onsite staff, warehousing and production facilities, we pride ourselves in making branding and brand activation at events an effortless part of your business.


Branding Storage

We are here to ensure that your branding is professionally managed, stored and maintained. Proper inventory, cleaning and maintenance ensures the longevity of your products. Our large resource of materials is available for your convenience to enhance your vision and stage your dream.

Audio Visual Services

Our technical experts and extensive audio visual inventory, turns good into spectacular with ingenuity and inspiration.  From boardroom to ballroom, courtyard to convention centre, we customize our delivery solutions for every event.

Video Productions

Visual content ensures that your audience remain engaged. Our video production team can produce, display and broadcast your message.  It’s a fact that without stimulating and engaging visuals, less than 10% of your audience will remember your content 3 days after the event.  Increase this to 65% instantly with adding videos to your next presentation.

Lighting & Decor

The accuracy and precision of lighting and decor design is fundamental to creating space and ambiance. The result of carefully planned décor and lighting brings your presentation to life.

Want to ensure your event is correct managed and delivered?